Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Chine moves to the City

So we moved the Chine show to Brick Lane, London a couple of weeks ago now. The show was on for four full days with the private view opening night on Thursday 8th July. It was a combined exhibition featuring the Photography, Fine Art and Illustration courses from the AUCB and I must say I believe it was a complete success!
All the work I exhibited in this show was different to the work in the Bournemouth show. This was because, as you may well know by now, my work involves working with unfixed photographic paper that is continually changing in colour so a piece can only really be shown exclusively in one exhibition. I had a body of work consisting of five separate prints and these were spread throughout the whole exhibition, mixing with the work of Fine Art and Illustration.
Although the concept of allowing the prints to change and almost be destroyed as they are exhibited is strong I still have a desire to keep the beautiful colour and form of the prints and stop it from changing any further.